what matters is a

strong foundation

The Academy with its exceptional approach and pedagogies strives to provide an academic setting which enables children to develop an understanding of self and achieve high academic standards. The most important work we embark on occurs in the classroom where through our exciting curriculum that focuses on applied learning, we hope to build a strong foundation and cultivate essential skills that would help your children to excel in all spheres of life.


The students of grade 2 accompanied by their teachers went to IBA ( University Campus) to witness an event named , ”Incredible Snacks” which was organized by ‘The Snack Bites Company ‘ in association with the ‘Walt Disney Company’.
It gave the students a chance to experience the Disney Magic which they thoroughly enjoyed. It also helped them to learn about and understand the importance of healthy snacks by engaging in fun activities. The children also understood the value and importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Our teachers participated in a two day workshop conducted by British Council. The teachers explored a range of ways of working with schools in other parts of the world and developing international learning and global citizenship in our curriculum. Our school was selected to carry out a Social action project, involving the students. The topic selected was ‘Peer Pressure’. A grant of rupees twenty thousand was also given to carry out the project.
A number of sessions on peer pressure were conducted involving the students in various activities and discussions. The students participated actively and highlighted the good and bad points of peer pressure and how to overcome it.
An inter school declamation was also conducted , where the students gave their views on this sensitive topic. It was a very good platform for the students to interact with each other.

A workshop was conducted for the students by Mr. Taha from School of Leadership. It was aimed at helping the students to understand and figure out challenges and tool they need to plan for future, make decisions, and demonstrate the flexibility needed to adapt to different cultures and environments. It was heartening to see the students sharing their views and participating very enthusiastically.

In Pakistan, the spelling bee competition is promoted by Dawn and it happens every year in October. There are three states district , central and national. Our students participated in the competition and reached the regional level which was a big achievement. They were all awarded with certificates.

Universal Children’s Day is held on 20th November, to encourage understanding between children’s welfare around the world. We arranged different activities for them to make it a special day for them.
The students took part in poster making competition and had a nice time painting and preparing the posters in groups. Children also played different games and made a formation holding colourful cards, depicting the day.
They were thrilled to have a Victoria ride with their friends which was a real treat for them and icing on the cake was the crunchy pop corns stall.

We have a resident psychologist in the school, Ms. Saleema, who has been guiding the teachers, taking workshops, counseling students and parents. The parents have given a positive response and are in touch with her on different issues pertaining to their child. A workshop was conducted by our resident psychologist for the parents. It was very helpful as many parents had some quarries and also wanted to meet the psychologist personally to discuss the different issues relating to their kids.
The objectives of the workshop were:
- Why parental involvement is necessary
- What are parenting styles and which style is most helpful to child
- How to effectively involve in child learning

The students paid tribute to the great poet and the day was marked with speeches, songs, tableaus and poems. The children participated enthusiastically and performed well on selected poems of Iqbal.

The Ritz theater entertainment have specially designed a show for the schools based on puppet show, magic show, clown and juggling show. different skits, nursery rhymes and national songs were part of this show. The children were also involved and they had a great time. This was arranged after the mid- term exams during the activity week. Teacher training and development Workshops:
Whether a teacher is seasoned or a first timer, getting some extra training is a grand opportunity to learn new methods, network with other teachers and gain inspiration and direction for their classrooms.
In an effort to promote lifelong learning and to provide opportunities for our teachers to grow and learn while they are teaching, we developed a several training programmes, workshops, partnerships with education institutes and teacher training organizations around the world in an effort to provide them with quality training and learning.
The workshops they attended were as follows:
- What is creative education and why it is important? Conducted by Paul Collard (Chief Executive of Creative Culture & Education UK).
- Classroom Management conducted by Thomas Martin.
- Formulating Instructional objectives conducted by Ms. Nazish and Ms. Zehra.
- Different Assessment Tools conducted by Ms. Saboohi Irtiza at TRC.
- Social Action Programmes conducted by British Council.